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Supporting Companies

Bringing in temporary support is often the solution when your company faces critical challenges, and you lack the in-house resources or expertise to address them. PT Lean Consulting specializes in supporting companies in various scenarios.

When to consider using our services:

• Time-based needs: You require expertise for a specific period without committing to a permanent hire.

• Long recruitment time: Recruitment delays shouldn’t hinder your progress.

• Workload Peaks: Overcoming spikes in workload efficiently.

• External Expertise: When you lack in-house competence, we offer external support.

• Driving Change: Whether it’s expansion, transformation, or turnaround, we provide the leadership needed.

Our Interim Management includes a wide range area of expertise:

• Lean Management

• Production

• Sourcing

• Production planning

• Project Management

• Due diligence evaluations

• Supply Chain assessment and improvement implementation

• Sales and Operations Planning evaluation and implementation

• Organization evaluation and enhancements 

• Sourcing savings program

• Cash-flow evaluation

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For more information or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us.

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